Simplified, Secure & Compliant Trust Accounting Software

LeanLaw’s intuitive, cloud-based trust accounting system powered by QuickBooks Online helps your law firm:

  • Effortlessly maintain compliance with bar regulations and industry best practices
  • Automate your client fund management to save time and reduce errors
  • Accelerate cash flow and minimize accounts receivable

With continuous real-time syncing and three-way reconciliation, LeanLaw keeps your trust accounts audit-ready 24/7.

Put Your Trust Accounting on Autopilot.

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Experience Trust Accounting on Autopilot with LeanLaw

Discover how LeanLaw streamlines your trust accounting in this 4-minute demo. Then book your live walkthrough to witness the difference firsthand!

Bulletproof Your Trust Compliance

With LeanLaw, trust accounting is effortless and error-free. Our automated system ensures you’re always adhering to state bar standards and ethical rules.

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Identify & Track Funds

Effortlessly assign dedicated trust and bank accounts to each client, ensuring crystal-clear tracking of deposits and disbursements.

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Maintain Separation

Keep client funds isolated from your operating accounts, maintaining the integrity of your trust accounting.

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Automate Record-Keeping

Generate client ledgers and maintain compliant bookkeeping with LeanLaw’s auto-generated trust reports.

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Perform Seamless Three-way Reconciliation

With perpetual synchronization between bank accounts, trust accounts, and QuickBooks Online, you’ll breeze through reconciliations while adhering to state bar requirements.

See LeanLaw Trust Accounting in Action.

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100% Accuracy. 0% Effort.

Say goodbye to manual mistakes. LeanLaw keeps your accounts in perfect harmony, eradicating the need for duplicate data entry and time-consuming statement reviews.

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Gain Total Visibility into Trust Account Activity

  • Request and monitor IOLTA deposits electronically via our Confido Legal integration.
  • Obtain clear insights into trust and bank account inflows and outflows with intuitive reporting.
  • Watch your accounts receivable soar.
  • Communicate trust activity to clients using integrated memos in your legal billing software.

Explore the Future of Trust Accounting

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Everything You Need. One Intuitive Dashboard.

Easily visualize and manage trust balances, transactions, and activity for every client and matter. It’s trust accounting–simplified.

Elevate Your Trust Accounting Game

Why LeanLaw Stands Above the Rest.

Automates 3-way trust reconciliation

Allows clients to easily deposit funds online

Enables one-click trust disbursements and payments

Provides real-time visibility into client trust activity

Integrates seamlessly with QuickBooks Online

Legal Accounting Features

Explore all the other features the LeanLaw financial operating system offers to streamline your legal operations and reduce the workload on your team of legal professionals:

Simplify Your Trust Accounting Today

See how easy trust accounting can be with LeanLaw. Automate your processes in just a few clicks.

LeanLaw frequently asked questions

Feel free to contact us along your LeanLaw journey. But here are some FAQ to get you started.

What is Trust Accounting in LeanLaw?

Trust Accounting is a feature in LeanLaw that helps law firms manage their trust funds, maintain client trust account records, and ensure compliance with ethical and legal requirements.

LeanLaw trust accounting software has a three way reconciliation — Bank accounts, trust accounts and QuickBooks Online are in continuous sync and in-line with state bar association standards. You are well positioned for your weekly or monthly three-way reconciliation. 

Even better: IOLTA accounting is built into the invoicing workflow: You can make legal trust deposits and pay invoices using from trust liability account using LeanLaw. What used to be a daunting 12-step trust accounting process in QuickBooks Online is now just a few clicks.

What is an IOLTA Account?

IOLTA is an acronym for Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts.

First started in 1981, an IOLTA account is an account that is set up by a law firm to hold those client funds that are not large enough – or won’t be held for long enough – to justify having their own separate trust account.

How does LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting work?

LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting allows you to create and manage trust funds, track client funds, generate reports, and reconcile accounts. The feature integrates with your billing and accounting systems to provide a complete view of your trust funds and transactions.

What kind of reports can I generate with LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting?

You can generate reports on trust fund balances, transactions, and reconcile accounts. Reports can be customized based on date range, client, and other parameters.

Is LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting compliant with ethical and legal requirements?

Yes, LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting is designed to meet the ethical and legal requirements for trust fund management, ensuring that your firm’s trust accounts are always in compliance. Please be aware that each state has different requirements for IOLTA accounts.

Can I manage multiple trust accounts in LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting?

Yes, you can manage multiple trust accounts and maintain records for each account in LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting feature.

Can I integrate LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting with my existing billing and accounting systems?

Yes, LeanLaw’s Trust Accounting integrates with your existing billing and accounting systems, providing a comprehensive view of your trust funds and transactions.