The Future of LeanLaw: Introducing Lean Align and Lean Insights

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Real-time operational dashboards to give you actionable insights into the health of your law firm

LeanLaw is set to revolutionize the legal industry once again with its upcoming offerings, Lean Align and Lean Insights. The new initiatives are meant to solve real problems in how law firms operate, creating clarity around the financial life-cycle of their clients, and identifying areas of performance improvement. These new features tie into LeanLaw’s mission of making law firms more efficient.

Lean Insights – Strategic Dashboards that give you real-time data

Lean Insights, our upcoming next-generation reporting platform, will offer customized dashboard reporting around payments, productivity, and accounts receivable, (coming in Q4 2024). Real-time data visualizations will include tables, bar charts, pie charts, line graphs, and more. You will be able to drill down into granular, matter-specific data points – creating actionable business intelligence at the click of a mouse. The data is specific to the client’s financial performance and those who service them. 

Advanced Reports will launch September 26th with Custom Reports following.

Why It Matters

The visualizations will help you understand important data and draw key business insights. No longer will you have to ask and wait for a monthly report: these dashboard reporting tools convey your business data in real-time. Additionally, you’ll be able to configure alerts so that users will be notified by certain thresholds rather than waiting until the end of the month for the update. Stakeholders will be able to make informed decisions thanks to metrics laid out in easy-to-understand visual formats.

The types of dashboards include:

  • My Time Analysis (individual productivity)
  • Matter Details
  • Firm Time Analysis (firm productivity)
  • Outstanding invoices
  • Firm Payment Trends
  • Monthly Billing Report
  • Firm Invoice Details

Lean Insights is much more than reporting software.

Why We Built Dynamic Dashboards

You know how time consuming it can be to track down all the time entries, fees, and expenses for a court filing? The Matter Details report puts everything in one spot. No more hunting around or worrying about making mistakes when pulling data together. It’s all there, neat and tidy.

With regard to Lean Insights, keep in mind that each law firm manages their data in different ways. LeanLaw provides robust advanced dashboards to get the right data to the right person in real-time. When you get rid of the dependency on Excel and manual work, you’ll gain greater insight into the health of your firm. 

With the custom dashboards, you can build your own data sets, even importing data and organizing the dashboard in a way that makes sense to you. If this sounds like something you want right away, you can contact us to get in on the beta testing of the feature.

These reports are a direct result of our clients’ experience.  

  • Users were having difficulty finding all of the time entries, fees, and expenses for a matter for court filings. So we built the Matter Details report, making  it is easy to see all of the activity in one place. This also removes the risk of manual error when putting all of the data together.
  • Users were having difficulty seeing all of the time, expenses, and fees for a given month. So we created the monthly billing report to allow operators to easily access and review that information.
  • Users were having to chase down attorneys to enter their time at the end of the month. So we made it possible to get email alerts at a frequency you define, making sure time is entered more consistently, and more importantly, seeing an overall view of your firm’s time with the Firm Time Analysis report.

Lean Align – Automate the Client Experience from Start to Finish

Lean Align’s intention is to create financial alignment for the law firm and the law firm’s clients through the entire financial lifecycle, from onboarding through the final invoicing and collections. It aims to automate many disconnected tasks and bring transparency and insights around WIP, budgeting, and receivables.  

LeanLaw Product Lead, Gabe Blanchet, says, “We see law firms doing too much manual work, using too many different tools, and not communicating with their clients around onboarding and invoice delivery. Lean Align is an evolution from our current Lean Payments system and is designed to facilitate more than just transactions.”

With Lean Align, the engagement process reduces manual work by staging payments upfront, so you’re not chasing AR. Lean Align establishes how to communicate with your client around work-in-progress, enhanced with an e-signature workflow. The benefit to the law firm operator is to expedite the contractual relationship in a smooth, streamlined manner. You can restrict Lean Insights via permissions in the software.

Lean Align also seeks to introduce a client portal which allows clients to view work in progress, if the firm permits it. We believe that transparency in the financial process will foster a more trusting relationship between attorneys and their clients.

But Lean Align is not just about streamlining the transactional process; it’s about value-add. On the horizon are budgeting tools, automatic notifications, and value statements as part of Lean Align’s functionalities that will reduce time, energy and manual errors of the law firm operator. While these features will not all be introduced at once, the bulk of the development work is set to kick off as early as Q4 of 2023.

Lean Align provides a smarter workflow that reduces manual work and minimizes client-facing mistakes. It also presents client statements clearly, ensuring clients understand what they are paying for and why. This reduces the need for your team to spend time explaining charges to clients. 

LeanLaw wants to help law firms elevate their client communication. Transparency and clarity breed trust and growth. Everyone wins when there is clearer understanding within a financial relationship. Lean Align is fully automated and offers real-time insights into when your clients received, opened, clicked, and paid their invoices. 

Becoming an early adopter

The question then arises: why should you convert to Lean Align or Lean Insights now, before they’re fully realized? The answer lies in the immediate benefits that both new features offer. You’ll have access to beta and early adoption as we roll out these new features. You and your clients will reap the benefits of greater transparency and communication. Everyone wins.

LeanLaw is excited to bring you these new features to our Pro subscription and we believe they will greatly enhance your experience with our tool. We remain committed to being the technology leader in the legal billing industry, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with innovative solutions.