Other services you should be offering your law firm clients

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It’s not just about reconciliation

LeanLaw not only produces the #1 Legal Software for QuickBooks Online, we also think long and hard about how best to service our law firm clients. We provide those findings to our LeanLaw Accounting Pros so that they can help fine-tune the operations of the small law firm.

First thing to think about: moving from passive, after the fact account reconciliation to more active services which can help the law firm be more efficient. Efficiency relates to time tracking, invoice creation, invoice delivery, helping a client get paid & making sure that reports are in place.

What does this value-add look like? Here are some of the services that you could offer your law firm clients:

What you’re trying to do is to help the attorney answer the following questions:

  • Is my practice/firm fiscally healthy?
  • Are my timekeepers productive and earning me a profit?
  • What clients are the best clients, financially speaking?

Can you help the law firm modernize from time tracking to collections? This is what they are hoping that you bring to the table. And if it’s not in the front of their minds, it’s because you have not yet brought it to their attention.  

More Ideas for Servicing Law Firms:

  • Try using ACH on trust and regular invoices.
  • Can you bring in better time tracking tool that will get them to use it?
  • Can you automate reporting to avoid manual work?
  • Can you help attorney understand where they are trending on a bi-monthly basis?

If you can figure out these important pieces of reporting and workflows, you will bring so much value to your law firm client — they will love you for it.

If you’d like to think more about niching into having law firm clients — the most awesome clients — consider joining LeanLaw Accounting Pros.

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