Onboard Law Firm Clients to QuickBooks and LeanLaw Like a Pro

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Video Recap: Online Meetup — Onboard Law Firm Clients to QuickBooks and LeanLaw Like a Pro

LeanLaw’s Monthly Meetup in April 2019 covered how to onboard legal clients with QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw. Three LeanLaw Accounting Pros, Brandy Derrick, Lynda Artesani and Sarah Prevost spoke about how they set up their law firm clients with the software. You can watch a recap of the meetup, here

Here’s what we reviewed:

  • Best practices for switching law firms to QuickBooks Online with LeanLaw
  • Tips and tricks to make the process run as smoothly as possible — including a checklist for your law client to fill out before it happens
  • Scheduling an onboard and how to prepare
  • How to coach expectations from the client 
  • Budget considerations
  • Data migration

Whether you’ve already set up your own law firm or you’ve done quite a few already, you’ll learn strategies and insider tips on how to best manage QuickBooks Online with LeanLaw software. 

Some accounting professionals have told LeanLaw that they’ve passed on legal clients because there had been no adequate software solution for legal clients — until LeanLaw. LeanLaw makes QuickBooks work for law firms. Our legal timekeeping / billing / reporting software create efficiencies and eliminate manual work – automation rules the day.

To get a better understanding of how to onboard clients with LeanLaw and QuickBooks Online, you can watch the video from the April meetup. If you have any questions, please contact us.