Moving from QuickBooks Desktop to Online Before the End of the Year

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You have a great client with outdated software. And by outdated, I mean that it doesn’t sync in real-time, it’s on a server and you can’t access the data remotely. You would like to switch that client to QuickBooks Online. You’ve been suggesting this for at least two years. Does this sound familiar? Your clients knows he needs to change software, but it’s never a good time. Guess what?

Now is the perfect time to switch to QuickBooks Online.

It’s Q4. It’s Fall. The year is winding down. Can you feel it in the air? You’re going to have to step up and be the trusted advisor that your client has always assumed you to be. The time is seriously now. Well, really it was two years ago, but for our purposes, it’s now.

QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Online Advanced is the financial system that will take your client into the future:

  • Real-Time Data Reporting
  • Total Automation
  • Automatic LEDES billing
  • Bulk Invoicing
  • Trust Accounting in a click

You get to be the hero that modernizes the law firm. All of the younger lawyers will thank you. What took so long!?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Give them all the reasons why now is the time:
    • It’s now or one year from now, might as well be now.
    • You may charge less because there will be less manual work to do (like reconciliation).
    • Show them how QuickBooks Online & LeanLaw will give them direct access to the most important financials.
    • See all the benefits listed in the bulleted section.
  2. Download this information sheet: it gives concise reasons as to why they should switch to QuickBooks. This is to give them something to hang onto after you gave them your switching spiel.
  3. Give them a trial account on LeanLaw, so that they can understand how easy it is to work with and where they can do most of their work, while you do your work in QuickBooks. Since LeanLaw and QuickBooks sync in real-time, you’ll all be looking at the same numbers.
  4. Tell them that you’ll be prepping for a January 1 switch. That’s plenty of time to acclimate themselves and their colleagues and support staff to the switch.
  5. Make it happen!

We provide free onboarding assistance as well as premium onboarding. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to make this happen. We also have accounting experts who can help your clients make the switch and then you can take over from there. Any way you want to structure it, we can help you.

Schedule and attend a demo, get a $250 Amazon Gift Card.