Matter Based Accounting for Law Firms: The Solution to Better Workflow and Increased Profits

Do you find yourself often frustrated with the billing and accounting software that your firm is currently using?

Are you struggling to keep track of financials across different matter and cases and are feeling overwhelmed by all the spreadsheets and reports?

Do you feel lost when it comes to trying to differentiate between costs that are associated with running your firm and which can be considered an expense that is directly related to managing client matters?

Then it’s time you think about matter-based legal accounting software as an optimal solution for streamlining your financial management and bringing order to all of this chaos.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Though lawyers are not accountants, it is important that they prioritize good accounting software that can take care of everything financial – from a firm’s basic bookkeeping needs to the most complex trust accounting process.
  • Whereas law firms used to feel that the only real solution to strong accounting software was to invest in an all-in-one practice management software system, this is no longer the case.
  • Creating a customized tech stack to meet a firm’s wide variety of needs is now the preferred method for law firm practice management, and making sure that you have a robust and easy-to-understand legal accounting software system will be an integral part of that tech stack – and ultimately your law firm’s long term financial success.

Matter-based legal software can play a crucial role in streamlining and organizing the operations of all sorts of law firms, regardless of size or area of expertise.

Not only that, but matter based legal practice management software can also provide a centralized platform for law firms to store and access all relevant information related to each specific matter, which can seamlessly result in increased efficiency in your workflow, invoices that are transparent and easy-to-understand and stronger communication between your attorneys, your staff and your clients.

Unlike the all-in-one legal practice management software of the past, matter-based software focuses specifically on managing legal matters, cases, and client information.

But perhaps most importantly, matter based legal accounting software will help your firm ensure that all matter expenses are accounted for and billed correctly which will greatly reduce any leakage in profit which is a common problem for law firms everywhere.

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What Is Matter Based Legal Software?

Matter-based legal software refers to a specialized type of software designed specifically for law firms to manage their billing and accounting needs on a matter-by-matter basis.

Matter based software enables a law firm to organize and track their financial information according to individual cases or matters, rather than lumping all their financial data together.

With matter based legal software, legal professionals can treat each case or matter as a separate entity with its own financial records, allowing for better organization, accuracy, and efficiency when reconciling bank statements, trust accounting reports, and profit and loss statements.

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Matter based software also means that a law firm will be able to maintain detailed records and accurately record matter-related expenses on the right client invoices which will greatly decrease the chance of lost payment for matters that might be otherwise overlooked.

This type of legal software can typically be integrated into the firm’s overall practice management tech stack.

The best matter management legal software will boast features tailored to the unique needs of law firms, such as trust accounting, time tracking, billing, invoicing, and expense management.

By adopting matter-based legal software, law firms can gain comprehensive visibility into the financial performance of each case, easily track expenses, generate accurate invoices, report correctly on client trust accounts, and ensure compliance with legal accounting regulations.

How Can Matter Based Legal Software Make a Difference for My Law Firm?

We all know that lawyers are not accountants. Managing the financial aspects of a law firm can be complex and challenging but it is a necessary evil that all attorneys need to have a firm grasp on.

And this is where matter-based legal software comes in!

This powerful law firm accounting tool is designed specifically for law firms to streamline their accounting processes, improve accuracy, and enhance financial organization.

Matter-based legal software allows you to manage your financials on a matter-by-matter basis, ensuring that you have a clear overview of the financial health of each case or matter.

Let’s dive into some of the top reasons why you should consider incorporating a matter based legal software into your firm’s accounting practices:

  • Enhanced Financial Organization: Matter-based legal software allows you to organize your financial information on a matter-by-matter basis. This means you can easily track income, expenses, and billing details specific to each case or matter. It ensures that your financial records are well-organized, easily accessible, and accurately reflect the financial status of each matter.
  • Improved Accuracy and Compliance: By using matter-based legal software, you can ensure accurate and compliant accounting practices. The software incorporates legal accounting rules and regulations, including trust accounting requirements, to help you maintain compliance. It automatically calculates and records trust balances, manages retainers, and generates accurate and compliant invoices for each separate account.
  • Streamlined Time and Expense Tracking: Matter-based legal software simplifies time and expense tracking. It enables you to record billable hours, track expenses, and allocate costs to specific matters. This streamlines the process of capturing time and expense data, ensuring accurate and timely billing for your clients.
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  • Efficient Invoicing and Billing: With matter-based legal software, you can generate professional-looking invoices specific to each matter. The software automates the invoicing process, allowing you to easily customize invoice templates, apply billing rates, and include detailed billing narratives. This results in efficient and accurate billing, reducing the chances of billing errors and disputes.
  • Comprehensive Reporting and Analysis: Matter-based legal software provides robust reporting capabilities, allowing you to gain insights into the financial performance of your matters. You can generate detailed financial reports, analyze profitability, monitor trust balances, and track key performance indicators. These reports help you make informed decisions, identify trends, and improve the financial management of your firm.
  • Seamless Integration and Collaboration: Matter-based legal software often integrates with other essential tools in your tech stack, such as client management systems and document management software. This enables seamless data sharing and collaboration among different teams within your firm. You can access financial information related to specific matters, share updates, and collaborate on billing and accounting tasks more efficiently.

By adopting matter-based legal software, you can significantly enhance your law firm’s financial management processes.

This type of specialized accounting for law firms will bring accuracy, organization, compliance, and efficiency to your accounting process, enabling you to focus more on providing excellent legal services and growing your firm’s success.

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Why is LeanLaw an Excellent Solution for Your Matter Management Needs?

LeanLaw is the only legal accounting system that prioritizes matter based legal billing software.

LeanLaw’s matter management software gives you real-time access to complete ledgers, reference reports, spreadsheets, and matter budgets to discuss with clients across the full matter lifecycle.

It starts with the client intake and moves seamlessly all the way through to accurate invoicing, trust accounting and the entire accounting process.


LeanLaw’s legal matter management solution lets clients know where things stand with easy-to-read and accurate invoices, trust accounts statements, trust account reporting, WIP reports, and expense reporting.

With LeanLaw, you will also be able to automate specific matters and schedule your matter management flow in areas such as recurring fixed fees, maximum hour limits, and automate allocating compensation tracking.

When you’re working with multiple clients and matters, your law firm needs precision and easy access. LeanLaw’s software solutions let you access the information on any matter — anywhere, anytime.

What are the Most Common Questions My Law Practice Should Ask Before Investing in LeanLaw’s Matter Based Software?

What is matter management, and how does LeanLaw help in managing legal matters effectively?

Matter management refers to the process of organizing and tracking legal matters including client funds and client accounts, deadlines, tasks and documents. Leanlaw offers a matter management tool that allows law firms the ability to manage matters effectively by centralizing all matter-related information, automating certain workflows and improving collaboration.

What are the features of LeanLaw’s matter management tool, and how do they benefit legal professionals?

LeanLaw’s matter management accounting software offers features such as matter creation and tracking, financial reporting and financial management, time tracking and accurate trust accounting. These features will help everyone on your staff stay organized, save time and increase client communications.

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IOLTA inflow and outflow accountability

Request and track IOLTA funds electronically with our Confido Legal integration. Better understand how funds are flowing in and out of trust and bank accounts with convenient, clear reporting. Realize higher accounts receivable. And use memos to communicate transparently with clients.

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Can I track time and expenses associated with a matter using LeanLaw’s matter management accounting software tool?

Absolutely! LeanLaw’s matter management accounting software system will allow you to track any sort of time or accounts receivable that is related to one particular matter. You can also track billable hours as well as non-billable hours as they relate to a specific matter.

Does LeanLaw’s matter management tool offer document management capabilities, and how do they streamline workflows?

Yes. Another area that LeanLaw’s matter management legal billing software system is super effective is in the document management capabilities. Law firms can upload and store documents that are related to a particular matter, set access permissions, and even organize different matters by customized categories.

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LeanLaw is the legal billing software for law firms built on QuickBooks Online that makes running a profitable law firm straightforward and simple for everyone involved.

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Can I collaborate with other team members and stakeholders using LeanLaw’s matter management tool?

Definitely! A great benefit to LeanLaw’s matter management legal billing software is the ability it has to let you collaborate easily and often with others in your law firm and/or with clients and other stakeholders as needed. You can assign tasks for a specific matter as well as share documents that are only related to the matter in question.

Can I generate invoices and financial reports related to a matter using LeanLaw’s matter management tool?

Generating client invoices and financial reports is practically effortless with the LeanLaw accounting software as part of your tech stack. From cash flow analysis to reconciling lawyers trust accounts, LeanLaw is the most thorough and easy-to-use accounting for law firms that is on the market today.

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Does LeanLaw integrate with other legal software and tools?

LeanLaw’s legal billing software was specifically designed to be a part of a law practice tech stack, meaning that it’s the best legal billing software on the market for integrating with other needed law office legal practice management software and tools. LeanLaw’s onboarding specialists have a strong understanding of the unique practice management needs of law firms and will help navigate the process of integration, making the whole experience one that will leave you wondering…why didn’t we do this sooner?

LeanLaw: The Legal Industry Stand Out for All Things Accounting

If you are fed up with your current billing and accounting software system and are ready to take charge of all your financial management needs once and for all, reach out to LeanLaw today.

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Reach out to us today and let us show you how your legal accounting process no longer has to be an unpleasant or overwhelming task. LeanLaw is the financial management solution you’ve been looking for.

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