How to find your lost or stolen cell phone; there's and app for that

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Lean Law Practice: What To Do When You Lose Your Phone Or Your Phone is Stolen

Security for the Lost or Stolen Phone: How to Protect Yourself

It happens to all of us: we lose our phones or sometimes, our phone is stolen. This can make you feel naked. Sometimes (occasionally), we’ve just misplaced the phone – and there is software that you can pre-install to make sure you can still find it when that happens. There’s even software to find your phone when it’s been stolen. If you’re positive that your phone has been stolen, it’s a good idea to contact your carrier immediately.

LeanLaw’s Chief Services Officer, Jonathon Fishman, explains how to load some simple softwares onto your phone today so that if you misplace or lose your phone tomorrow – or if your phone is stolen, it won’t be a total catastrophe and you might even be able to recover it.

Practicing how to find your lost or stolen phone is truly easy when you’ve installed the software on your device. Do it now. If you’re constantly misplacing your phone, this software will also be helpful.

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