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Looking for Financial Success? The 7 Legal Timekeeping Billing Software Solutions to Achieve It

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What makes a law firm a success?

Is it the talent and skill of the attorneys?

Maybe it’s based on the size or quality of the client base or the amount of profit that’s made each year.

Or perhaps it’s the firm’s reputation in the community or how they treat and retain their staff.

While all these factors undoubtedly play a significant role in how successful a law firm actually is, one crucial aspect often goes unnoticed, a factor that will undeniably have some sort of an effect on a firm’s success.

Efficient legal timekeeping and billing practices.

Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Being able to accurately track billable hours, manage expenses, generate invoices promptly, and effectively handle trust accounting will play a big role in a law firm’s financial success.
  • Knowing that you need to implement these key timekeeping and billing features is one thing…knowing how to use them is just as important.
  • Whether you choose an all-in-one practice management software system or decide to build your own customizable tech stack, your firm’s financial success is contingent on having the right time and billing software in place.

Though many factors are considered when defining a law firm’s success, most experts in the legal field know that having an effective timekeeping and billing system will go a long way in laying the foundation for a law firm’s financial success.

And – let’s face it – regardless of how you decide to measure success, having your firm be financially successful is never going to be a bad thing.

Not only that, but having effective timekeeping and billing software to help you gain that success does not have to be difficult.

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How to Define “Effective Timekeeping and Billing Software”

In the competitive world of legal practice, effective timekeeping and billing software is a crucial piece of a firm’s overall operations.

The ability to accurately track billable hours, manage expenses, generate invoices promptly, and effectively handle trust accounting can significantly impact a firm’s profitability and client satisfaction.

(And client satisfaction equates to a firm’s profitability as well!)

In today’s tech-driven landscape, most law firms have now turned to using some sort of time and expense tracking and legal billing software to help streamline their financial operations and make the entire accounting process more straightforward, more accurate, and – ultimately – more efficient for the entire firm.

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To define what makes a timekeeping and billing software system truly effective, several key components come into play.

Though these may vary a bit for every law firm, here are some of the most essential features that contribute to a law firm’s long-term financial success:

1. Seamless Time Tracking:

Effective time tracking software should offer a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for attorneys and staff to log their billable time accurately.

When a law firm decides to implement a time and billing software system that automates time tracking features, integrates with calendar applications, and can be used on the go, attorneys are able to effortlessly capture billable hours as they work.

Seamless time tracking means that timekeeping becomes more accurate and efficient, because attorneys no longer have to rely on manual entry or remember to record their billable hours later in the day.

A good time and legal billing software system will greatly reduce the risk of missed or inaccurate time entries. With automated time tracking, billable hours are captured in real-time, ensuring that no billable minute is overlooked.

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LeanLaw is the legal billing software for law firms built on QuickBooks Online that makes running a profitable law firm straightforward and simple for everyone involved.

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2. Customizable Billing Options:

An effective time and billing software system should provide customizable billing templates, allowing law firms to tailor their invoices to meet their specific client needs and preferences.

The ability to create customized client billing and include expense tracking details enhances a firm’s transparency, since there will never be a question as to what a client was charged or why.

In a world where more and more of our business can be conducted through online payments, credit card payments, or even through direct withdrawal, it’s more important than ever to give clients legal invoices that accurately reflect what they owe, what they’ve paid and whether or not they have any outstanding balances.

The better a firm’s customized billing process is, the better client invoices will accurately reflect the hours worked on a client’s behalf.

Customized billing options lead to satisfied clients.

And satisfied clients lead to law firm success.


3. Intuitive Expense Management:

Effective timekeeping and billing software should make for easy expense tracking and recording.

With the right time and expense tracking features, law firms can efficiently categorize and bill their reimbursable expenses to their clients.

Generating expenses on a client’s behalf is often part of the practice of law, and effective billing software should be equipped to handle these expenses in a way that makes them easy to track and easy to understand.

A reliable timekeeping and billing software system will make sure that law firms can accurately track and manage client expenses, thus ensuring transparency and accountability in all financial matters.

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4. Streamlined Trust Accounting:

For law firms that handle client funds, trust accounting is a critical aspect of financial management and the legal services they provide.

This is where an effective legal billing software system can make a huge difference in your firm’s success.

In order to be done effectively, trust accounting will require dedicated legal billing software, since it is a type of accounting that is unique to the practice of law.

Attorneys not only need to make sure they send invoices to their clients that are accurate, but they must also make sure that they’re being good stewards of the client funds they already hold.

Trust accounting is governed by specific rules and regulations to ensure the proper handling of client funds by lawyers and law firms.

These rules vary depending on the jurisdiction, but they generally fall under the authority of legal professional organizations, state bar associations, and other regulatory bodies. Trust accounting rules are designed to safeguard client funds and prevent any mismanagement or misuse, as these funds are held in trust on behalf of clients.

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A law firm that invests in legal billing software that’s designed to prioritize lawyer trust accounts and make sure that trust accounting compliance is always up-to-date will have clients who trust that their funds are being handled appropriately and governing agencies who trust that their accounts are being managed accurately.

Good trust accounting will always lead a law firm to success.

5. Comprehensive Reporting Functionalities:

Detailed financial reports provide law firms with valuable insights into their financial performance.

Effective law firm billing software should offer a wide range of reporting options, allowing firms to analyze key financial metrics, track productivity, and identify areas for improvement.

Hoping for success is one thing. Being able to track your success is another matter.

The best legal billing software that’s on the market today is designed to have reporting features that make it so you will never have to wonder if your firm is achieving financial success.

From detailed time tracking reports that show billable hours and expenses to comprehensive financial reports that give you a clear overview of your firm’s revenue and expenses, the best legal billing software offers reporting capabilities that provide valuable insights into your firm’s financial performance.

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With time tracking reports, you can easily monitor how much time each attorney spends on different tasks and matters, ensuring that billable hours are accurately recorded and invoiced.

Financial reports, on the other hand, offer a comprehensive view of your firm’s financial health. You can generate reports on revenue by matter, client, or attorney, allowing you to identify your most profitable clients and practice areas.

When you are looking for the right law firm billing software, make sure that the software you choose has strong reporting capabilities as one of its key features.

With strong reporting capabilities, you’ll never have to wonder where your firm’s financial success stands.

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Explore all the other features the LeanLaw financial operating system offers to streamline your legal operations and reduce the workload on your team of legal professionals:

6. Integration Capabilities:

To enhance efficiency and eliminate duplicate data entry, an effective timekeeping and billing software system should integrate seamlessly with other essential tools used by the law firm, such as calendar applications, email, and accounting software.

In the past, most law firms were accustomed to using all-in-one legal practice management software to run their day-to-day operations.

These all-in-one law practice management software systems were designed to streamline various aspects of law firm management, including time tracking, billing, case management, document management, client communication, and more.

Their aim was to centralize all these functions into a single platform, providing a unified and cohesive solution for law firms.

Nowadays, more and more law firms have turned away from all-in-one practice management software systems and have begun to create their own tech stack of software to meet their practice’s operational needs.

Creating your own customizable tech stack can save your firm valuable time and money, while also providing the flexibility to choose the best-in-breed software applications that align with your specific needs.

Regardless of which route your firm decides to take when it comes to your practice management software system, just make sure that your time and billing software integrates easily with it.

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7. User Training and Support:

Implementing new tools into any business will require some sort of a learning curve – and legal billing software is certainly no exception to that.

Training your attorneys and staff on new time and billing software can be a daunting task and can take up valuable time and resources in the process.

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A top-notch legal billing software provider will always offer a legal practice comprehensive user training that is convenient for their staff and attorneys.

It will also provide ongoing support to ensure a smooth transition and maximum utilization of the legal billing software’s features, from how to effectively track billable hours to how to generate accurate client invoices and manage your client’s trust accounts.

Finding a legal billing software company that understands the importance of onboarding and training will go a long way in ensuring that your firm’s training is a success.

How LeanLaw Can Help Your Law Firm Achieve Financial Success

When you are looking at the best timekeeping and legal billing software for your firm, make sure that the company you choose has excellent onboarding practices, knowledgeable customer support, and a track record of delivering reliable software updates and improvements.

Having effective timekeeping and billing software is essential for a law firm’s long-term financial success.

By adopting a timekeeping and legal billing software system that offers most – if not all – of these key features, you can ensure that your firm is as set up for financial success as possible.

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LeanLaw is a powerful legal billing and accounting software system designed to help law firms run their practices as efficiently and effectively as possible.

With a whole host of time tracking and accounting features, attorneys can effortlessly manage their time and expense tracking, run financial reports and make sure they are in compliance with industry regulations regarding trust accounting.

Additionally, LeanLaw’s legal billing software helps law firms create customizable billing templates and invoices, ensuring a firm’s professionalism and their client’s satisfaction.

And perhaps most importantly, LeanLaw’s integration with QuickBooks Online will streamline your entire financial and accounting process, eliminating duplicate data entry, removing human errors, and enhancing accuracy.

If you’re ready to find a legal billing and accounting software system that can take your law firm to the next level of financial success, check out our free demo to see exactly what LeanLaw can offer your firm.

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