LeanLaw & the ALA 2023 Conference in Seattle -- Before the Show!

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LeanLaw, the financial operating platform for law firms, will be at the ALA 2023 Annual Conference & Expo for the first time this year. We’re sending our A-Team so that we can create relationships with attendees. We see law firm administrators as one of our core clients and certainly the leaders in the advancement of the legal industry and legal management. 

Come to Booth #935 to meet:

Headshot of Jonathon Fishman
Jonathon Fishman, CEO

Headshot of Gary Allen
Gary Allen, COO

Heather Mears, Inside Sales Specialist

Administrators are the eyes and ears of the law firm. Firm efficiencies and operations are the core of a successful law office. LeanLaw understands that you are the glue that holds it all together. We want to learn from you and to help you achieve your workplace goals.

LeanLaw started in Boise, ID in 2015 as an alternative to legal practice management software. LeanLaw has a deep, elegant integration with QuickBooks Online that eliminates manual workarounds and instigates robust insights and analytics from your own data. We work with our clients to create new features and to help solve operational accounting issues that slow you down. 

Stop by Booth #935 (near the food court) and take a look at how LeanLaw is the leaner alternative to practice management software.

Seattle 2023 ALA Conference & Expo: Must-Attend Learning and Networking Opportunities for Law Firm Administrators

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We will be at the following events for networking, learning, and engagement:

ALA Ambassadors Mixer – The Membership Development Committee cordially invites current ALA Membership Ambassadors and interested parties to attend a mixer. The event offers a platform to connect with other members and explore the rewards of participating in the Membership Ambassadors Program.

Newcomers Connection – First-time attendees are encouraged to attend the Newcomers Connection event, hosted by the Puget Sound chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators. This event provides an opportunity to meet ALA leadership and staff, as well as other first-time attendees in a relaxed setting.

Welcome Reception – The Welcome Reception, sponsored by FirstLegal, offers an excellent opportunity to socialize with conference attendees, speakers, and business partners. As we embrace the Emerald City theme, please come dressed in your finest green attire to enjoy an evening of good food, music, and company.

We are looking forward to meeting ALA 2023 Attendees!

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The first day of a conference is always full of excitement and anticipation. Attendees are eager to learn from the experts, network with their peers, and discover new strategies and ideas to improve their work and lives. 

Following are Day 1 Breakout Sessions that pique our interest:

  • Keynote: Catherine Sanderson, PhD on The Science of Happiness

A fascinating exploration of the factors that do (and do not) predict happiness, including money, marriage, friends, age, weather, and religion. Dr. Sanderson shares cutting-edge research from the field of positive psychology, providing practical and easy-to-implement ways to increase physical and psychological well-being. 

  • Joseph Raczynski, Moving into the Metaverse

The digital transformation has dominated most of what we do, and the metaverse is its (un)natural outgrowth. How will the metaverse impact the legal profession for both the business and practice of law? They will explore the building blocks of blockchain, cryptocurrency, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs), and unpacked their likely influence on the legal industry in the coming years. Hopefully, all this will be demystified!

  • Kendra Brodin, How to Tap into the Positive Effects of Stress

Explore how stress can be beneficial to you personally and professionally, and learn how to reframe how they see stress to experience more satisfaction, fulfillment, and well-being. The difference between “distress” (negative stress) and “eustress” (positive stress) will be explained. This session will provide practical techniques to use stress to improve performance and well-being. Show me how!

  • Timothy Corcoran, Profitability: Addressing the Missing Link in Partner Compensation

This session addresses the increasing prominence of profitability metrics as a critical measure of practice, client, matter, and individual performance. Profitability is a diagnostic to help partners make better-informed business decisions. How can it be incorporated as a driver of partner compensation in a way that can strengthen rather than disrupt their firm’s culture? 

  • AshLea Alberry, How to Make a Successful Hybrid Office: The Three Basic Elements

As hybrid work arrangements become increasingly popular, law firms face the challenge of creating a successful hybrid office that promotes productivity and ensures employee satisfaction. This session focuses on the three basic elements that guide the implementation of a successful hybrid strategy, including optimizing space, enabling employee connections and collaboration, and promoting firm culture. We can’t think of any law firm that this doesn’t affect. 

  • Russ Haskin, The New Landscape for Legal Data Intelligence

Data is at the core of effective legal operations (AMEN!), and firms that can leverage data analytics and measurement tools are better positioned to achieve their goals. This session explores the latest approaches and tools for deploying advanced analysis and measurement tools to enhance law firm operations. Attendees will explore different consumption mechanisms that enable firms to gain insights from data and shape their strategies accordingly. Note: LeanLaw is a firm believer in the data-driven law firm. We are excited for this session.

Which sessions are you going to? See you at the show! Booth #935 (near the food court)