LeanLaw Masterclass -- Digital Payments

Legal Accounting Software Deep Dive

Legal Accounting Software does not run itself. That’s why LeanLaw does a deep dive on a specific feature each month with people from the company who are in charge of Product, Customer Success, and sometimes, someone who can speak to LeanLaw integrations with other software.

Join Confido Legal’s Emery Wager, and LeanLaw’s Customer Success Manager, Chase Sullivan, as they take a deep dive on:  

Digital Payments

  • Positive impacts of electronic payments in a modernizing law firm
  • Automatic payment workflows to QuickBooks Online
  • Compliance with Bar Association requirements

LeanLaw’s electronic and automated payment system helps law firms collect more, collect faster, and collect at a lower cost.

Having a direct line to the LeanLaw team who design the user-interface of your law firm software can be a huge perk. Many of our most successful updates have come from client suggestions.