I Thought Law Clients were a Hassle Until I Discovered LeanLaw


One QuickBooks ProAdvisor Explains Her Shift in Attitude

Last month, LeanLaw was featured on the QB Appy Hour with Heather Satterly and Liz Scott. If you haven’t experienced the Appy Hour and you are looking for increased functionality with QuickBooks Online, this is the space for you. Liz & Heather do a deep dive twice monthly into the QuickBooks App Store. They highlight apps that extend the features of QuickBooks Online. Both Liz & Heather are Certified QuickBooks ProAdvisers.

Who Wants to Work with Attorneys?

When the LeanLaw team first met with Heather & Liz, Liz admitted that she turned down law firm clients and had given all of her past law clients away. She told us that at the time (pre-LeanLaw), the law firm workflow was too complicated for QuickBooks to handle alone. She explained that she did not enjoy her law firms clients because the work was “challenging and segmented.”

With her law firm clients, the biggest pain points were that they were using two different softwares: Liz was using QuickBooks Online and the attorneys were using proprietary law firm software.

Here’s Liz:

My firm’s mission is to empower small businesses. When they understand the numbers, they can make decisions to achieve that. But when I’m working on a different software from my client, I’m never getting them to that point [where we are looking at the same numbers] and it’s nearly impossible to be in alignment. I recommended other advisers to my law firm clients.

This was very interesting to the LeanLaw team. If she created such clear boundaries with possible law firm clients, what would she make of our software?


“Attorneys worked in their software and I work in mine. LeanLaw takes away that barrier and allows us all to work in the same software, thanks to the bi-directional sync, the numbers are all the same. There’s less manual work, both the client and the lawyer can be confident about the data and that transparency creates better management decisions.”

Liz thinks that it’s not just law firm clients but any clients — the biggest offer that she has to make is communication. “Everyone needs feedback and the client is counting on me for that. And that’s where LeanLaw changes the conversation because now, we can see the same data. I’m truly impressed with LeanLaw.”

There are very few apps that garner a “Wow!” out of me. LeanLaw is one of those apps.

Liz is now open to taking law firm clients.

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