How AI Will Transform Your Law Firm's Financial Workflows

Recently, we published an article in the ALA Magazine, Legal Management, titled How AI Will Transform Your Law Firm’s Financial Workflows.  However, the link to our free prompts with sample data sets was excluded from the article, so we are providing them for you here.

Below is a synopsis of the article:

The analysis of law firm finances is one area where AI shines. Finance applications play to AI’s strengths. AI is good at sifting through large amounts of data in a short amount of time, and analyzing trends. It is good, and will get better, at checking data inputs and analysis, reducing the risk of error. AI excels at comparing data to benchmarks and detecting fraud. With AI handling the data preparation and number-crunching, humans can focus on strategic analysis. 

To illustrate the power of AI in law firm finance, let’s imagine your firm’s managing partner bursts into your office and demands you produce three insightful financial reports and have them on her desk in one hour. Without AI, you are probably sunk. But let’s see if AI can save the day.

In the full article we discuss:

  • The Challenge: Insightful Financial Reporting in a Hurry
  • Leveraging AI for Financial Analysis
  • How to Address Known AI Problems

Explore the power of AI with these free resources

We invite you to explore the power of AI to transform your firm’s financial analysis. Visit, and you will find sample data to experiment with ChatGPT prompts, so you can experience firsthand AI’s capabilities. 

The point is, ChatGPT is very versatile and can do all kinds of useful tasks from writing to drawing, from coding to financial analysis. To get the most value out of it at its current stage of development, you have to get good at writing prompts. You can find blog posts like this one on the subject:, or ChatGPT will happily offer you general advice.


Of all the things AI systems can do, financial data collection and analysis are right in the sweet spot of AI’s capabilities. It is not perfect and may never be. But there is little doubt AI can be useful now to the finance professional and will be indispensable in the future. There is no replacement for getting to know AI’s capabilities and getting used to using the tools in a safe and secure manner. We hope you enjoy the exercise we’ve prepared and please reach out if you have questions.

To read the full article, please visit the original full publishing in  Legal Management here