Focus on Mid Market Lawyers

LeanLaw Lawyers paying attention to off-screen presentation in conference room

Jonathon Fishman, our Chief Operating Officer at LeanLaw, got an email from an accounting pro: I am interested in focusing on lawyers. How do I even begin?

This was his answer:

In terms of law firm marketing I have a few notes:

1. Focus on mid-market law firms: With technology and process savviness, you will be well-positioned to focus on larger firms — 5 to 25 lawyers. Don’t bother marketing to smaller firms. They may come into your web and will be attracted to the principals that larger firms need.

2. Position yourself as a law firm expert. Most folks in your industry service too many types of firms and they become a generalist. When a generalist speaks to a law firm, their domain expertise, or lack of it, is exposed. The inverse works in favor of the specialist. You know the language, tools, and workflows.

What makes law firms unique:

  • Trust accounting
  • The intensity of monthly invoicing
  • Compensations tracking
  • Other legal-specific reporting

3. Speak to the value you bring, not the function you offer. What is your value to a law firm?

  • Compliance with trust accounting
  • Greater efficiency on collections
  • More insight on staff & client efficiency
  • Modern methodology on invoicing

4. Become an expert in managing the transition from where they are today to where they need to go. The law firm is paralyzed with the unknown of where to go. They don’t know how to buy software and they certainly don’t know how to implement the change. Be that expert. Market that expertise as a core offering of your accounting firm.

5. Develop partnerships. LeanLaw is one. Think about other channels that can drive clients to you. Referral marketing is critical.

6. Develop an online brand. You don’t need to be a Facebook darling, but it’s important to elevate yourself as a subject matter expert.

7. Come up with a plan:

  • What’s your offering? Fixed price or hourly? (We recommend the former)
  • Who would purchase it? What size / kind of law firm?
  • How is it packaged? Will you bundle services? (yes)
  • Who can refer you? Your current clients. Your colleagues. Who else?
  • How do you communicate the offering/value? Continuous online presence

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