Disbursement of Payments -- Attorney Compensation -- New Feature

LeanLaw Hand separating puzzle pieces

Based on the Hale & Dorr Attorney Compensation Model

LeanLaw has added a workflow at the tail end of a billing period to ensure payments within that period are distributed to respective attorneys.

Those attorneys have the opportunity to look at what’s been distributed: they can see the exact amount of money that they’re expecting from the firm, for that period of time.

This article provides insights into how LeanLaw + QuickBooks Online solve the law firm compensation dilemma – no matter what kind of law firm you’re at.

What this means is that the billing administrator will take the money that has been collected — whether in LeanLaw or QuickBooks — and will distribute it to the attorneys. LeanLaw tags activity on a matter by user, so every attorney along its journey  —  including the originator of a matter — so that all the time entries are easy to attribute. This makes the disbursement process a breeze.

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