We speak lawyer and work exclusively with small law firms. Our Lean Coaches help you assess your technology and give you a road map to set the right foundation for lean practice. Our goal is to be your trusted IT partner, working with you closely to make your practice more efficient at your pace and with your goals always at the forefront. Whether you need to retire an e-mail server, choose and implement a new document management tool, or smooth an outmoded legal billing workflow, we are with you at every step. Free Introductory Offer – No Credit Card, No Risk Step 1: We conduct a holistic assessment where we get to know more about your practice, your tech and your needs. Step 2: We develop a technology roadmap for you and your firm. The roadmap will illustrate what tools are needed, cost and timelines. After that, it’s up to you to decide how quickly you want to start implementing these efficiencies and enjoying the benefits of Lean Practice. How lean is your practice? Call us to find out. Contact Jonathon Fishman at or 888-882-3017 to get started.