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LeanLaw customizes QuickBooks Online for mid-size law firms. Total automation and deep integration with QuickBooks means that law firms get more accessible, real-time data to help them become better businesses.

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How You Benefit

  • Clear, detailed compensation & collection reports
  • Real-Time Legal Insights from your own data
  • Reports that you can access yourself without help
  • No more accounting surprises when your data is easily accessible
  • Track time on your favorite device
  • Total automation — no manual workarounds
  • Get paid faster through expedited invoice delivery
  • Automated and user-friendly trust accounting (IOLTA)
  • Never miss a billing expense to a client

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  • Lynda Artesani Avatar
    Lynda Artesani

    With LeanLaw Accounting Pros, I connect monthly and stay on top of the software and the new features. The LeanLaw team is so responsive and partners with me to... read more

  • Brandy Derrick Avatar
    Brandy Derrick

    LeanLaw has sent so many clients my way! The clients come already knowing that they need bookkeeping and are ready to get started. LeanLaw partnered with me to onboard a... read more

  • Sarah Prevost Avatar
    Sarah Prevost

    My relationship with LeanLaw has profoundly enriched my interaction with my law clients, making me more competitive and credible.
    Together with LeanLaw, we've created a more efficient workflow, saving time and...
    read more

  • Laurette Clash Avatar
    Laurette Clash

    I share a mutual goal with LeanLaw: to reduce my clients’ overhead and make sense of their financials. No other vendor provides the level of access and technical support. It’s... read more

  • Kanika Redd Avatar

    I have a client who uses LeanLaw and loves the ease with which time keeping gets pushed to billing/creating invoices that then gets pushed to QuickBooks Online. It saves time... read more

  • Karyn Y. Andersen Avatar
    Karyn Y. Andersen

    As an outsourced accounting professional working with law firms, LeanLaw enables me to embed myself into the invoicing and reporting workflows for the firm. This facilitates my ability to run... read more

  • Kenny Lee Avatar

    Improving reporting for my law firm was the impetus to switch to LeanLaw + QuickBooks. With LeanLaw, I get just the features I need, time tracking, invoicing and reporting (who... read more

  • Jenna Shelton Avatar
    Jenna Shelton

    LeanLaw referred Brandy Derrick, a LeanLaw Accounting Pro and QuickBooks ProAdvisor, to provide assistance in migrating from Time Slips and PC Desktop to LeanLaw. Brandy taught me how to generate... read more

  • Sarah Prevost Avatar
    Sarah Prevost

    LeanLaw, with the newly designed QuickBooks Online Advanced platform, creates a healthier way of doing business. Together, they offer significant advantages: better systems, integrations, transparency, real time data, custom user... read more

  • Lynda Artesani Avatar
    Lynda Artesani

    With QuickBooks online and the right apps, you can save minimally 8 hours per week by automating the processes. Combine that with an app like LeanLaw and you have a... read more

  • Todd Schroder Avatar

    Leanlaw has been instrumental in the smooth transition to our remote capabilities. Our associates were quick to adopt LeanLaw’s simple to use time tracking and billing environment. Our client managers... read more

  • Nancie Ward Avatar
    Nancie Ward
    Office Manager, ONGARO PC

    As the office manager of a mid-size law firm, what I appreciate most about LeanLaw + QuickBooks Online Advanced is that I can efficiently process bulk invoices, I have immediate... read more

  • Erin Brown Avatar

    As a partner of a growing firm we made the decision to switch from our old software. We spent a lot of time researching different billing options for attorneys.... read more

  • Nicole Motika Avatar
    Nicole Motika

    LeanLaw is super responsive to feedback about the software: they listen and work to solve issues / add new features based on my clients’ needs. This helps me better serve... read more

  • Sharon Seal Avatar
    Sharon Seal

    The customer support is great. When I ask a question, they may provide a number of recommendations to accomplish what I am looking for. They are responsive and professional