IOLTA Trust Accounting in LeanLaw: Automated & User Friendly

The Best Legal Trust Accounting Built into the Legal Invoicing Workflow

Make legal trust deposits and pay invoices from trust using LeanLaw. What used to be a daunting 12-step trust accounting process in QuickBooks Online is now one click.

Easily deposit client funds and pay invoices with trust funds.

A true integration with QuickBooks instead of a sync somebody in your law firm has to straighten out later.

screenshot of trust accounting in leanlaw software
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Electronic Trust Deposits with Gravity Legal

LeanLaw’s integration with Gravity Legal allows the law firm to request IOLTA (trust) funds electronically and have them automatically deposited into the trust account, which will be accounted for in QuickBooks Online. No more manual workarounds and a significantly higher realization in accounts receivable.

Trust accounting screen shot from leanlaw software

Legal trust accounting is always in sync

LeanLaw’s deep integration with QuickBooks Online means that your law firm’s billing software and QuickBooks are no longer out of balance.

You don’t have to sync because LeanLaw syncs automatically in real time.

Integrate Trust Accounting Data into Invoices

Keep your clients informed: deliver a customized report to the client in the invoice.

All automated, just a click away.

3 way reconciliation screen shot LeanLaw software

3-way reconciliation – Following State Bar Standards

LeanLaw follows the standards of every state bar in the country for legal trust accounting.

Because you are in continuous sync, you are well positioned for your weekly or monthly 3-way reconciliation (bank account, trust account and QuickBooks Online).

Video: Trust Accounting – The Easy Way

See how to set up and use trust accounting in QuickBooks Online with LeanLaw.

You can do it the hard way, without LeanLaw, or you can do it the easy way.

When you know how much your time is worth, the decision will be clear.

Ready to Give The Best Legal Trust Accounting Tools a Test Drive?