CLE Webinar for Nevada Lawyers: How To Create A Lean Law Firm

Webinar for Nevada Lawyers – AS SEEN ON: PRUnderground

LeanLaw will conduct a free CLE Webinar – How To Create a Lean Law Firm – exclusively for members of the Nevada Bar Association, March 16, 2016 from 11:30am to 1pm. Gary Allen, Founder & CEO of LeanLaw and a 28-year practicing attorney will host the webinar for Nevada lawyers with the goal of helping lawyers to reduce overhead and get back to the work they love.

Many law firms operate with 35% to 55% overhead – as a percentage of revenue. Until recently, big overhead was just the cost of doing business as a lawyer. Not anymore. LeanLaw is on a mission to reduce the cost of doing business. Armed with the information in the free webinar, Nevada lawyers will be able to cut overhead to 20% of revenue or less.

LeanLaw is a technology company that provides law practice management software and legal technology services to create trusted relationships with its clients. LeanLaw breaks barriers between lawyers and their technology so they can better manage their workflows, create new business models and achieve work-life balance.

“We tell lawyers they should strive towards 20% overhead as a percentage of revenue. We know productive law firms that have been able to hit that sweet spot, where overhead ceases to be a burden. If you can get to 20% overhead, not only are you going to be more productive and more profitable, you will probably be happier, and you’ll have higher professional satisfaction.” Gary Allen, Founder & CEO, LeanLaw

As a 28-year practicing attorney, Gary Allen has been working for years to crack the overhead nut. LeanLaw brings together a team with the right blend of legal business savvy, user-friendly IT experience, and software know-how to transform firms into lean, 21st-century businesses.

Gary Allen believes lawyers are heroes: Lawyers are critical to the rule of law in a free society. If lawyers are freed from high overhead, they will have the freedom to:

  • earn more,
  • serve the 70% of Americans who can’t afford legal services,
  • focus on the work that made them want to be attorneys in the first place,
  • make work / life balance a reality.

Lean technologies and workflows are unlocking more efficient ways of practicing law and cutting overhead costs. Lawyers understand that by operating in the cloud instead of being connected to a traditional server, they will have more mobility, security and efficiency. These new technologies also offer better tools for measuring efficiencies – business intelligence has become a guiding principle for LeanLaw. Understanding workflow inefficiencies in real time offers insight for the lawyer to pivot with a new strategy with LeanLaw as a trusted partner.

Gary invites all his legal colleagues to join the LeanLaw Movement!

Nevada lawyers can register for the Webinar How to Create a Lean Law Firm Here.

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