Modern Billing: Flat Fees

LeanLaw Legal Billing Supports Standard / Hybrid / Milestone / Flat Fees

Move Beyond the Billable Hour

Desktop, Laptop, Phone: iOS or Android

With flat fees, you can manage your law firm clients’ expectations on legal billing. When the clients and attorneys can agree on the value of a service, everyone wins. Happy clients and more referrals.


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Track Time Against Flat Fees

When you understand how much time you devote to a recurring task – your Effective Hourly Rate (EHR) — you’ll know if you’re not charging enough or, if you might be able to charge less and increase volume. You choose whether or not to show your client the details. With a deeper understanding of your law firm’s operations, you can increase profitability and efficiency.


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Flexibility with all kinds of fixed-fee legal billing

Whether a standard flat-fee, a hybrid (including billable hours), multiples, recurring, fixed-fees with overages or milestone flat-fees, LeanLaw can create an automated workflow. Especially useful for IP, Estate Planning, Corporate Practice. LeanLaw understands the business of your law firm.


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Flat Fees Paid With Retainers

Trust accounts and invoicing integrated with QuickBooks Online: no more messy bookkeeping for your accountant to straighten out later.


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