Changing Law Firm Software Providers – The Manageable Way

Don’t let data migration stop you from leaving your outdated software.

Is this you?

  • You know your server-based, law firm accounting software is so 2007. You know you need to switch to a modern solution.
  • You know, in theory, that this would make your life easier and your law firm more profitable.
  • You’ve heard from your colleagues that they’ve made the switch and life is lighter and brighter.

But then, you don’t take the leap. Why?

  • The thought of transferring the data from all the lawyers in your firm sounds like a nightmare.
  • The thought of convincing all of the lawyers in your firm that this is even possible and that they also have to deal with it is a nightmare.
  • The thought of finding a law firm accounting software that would make all of that pain worth the risk sounds daunting.

Are we on the right track?

At LeanLaw, we would like to state unequivocally that:

Transferring your data from your old software to LeanLaw + QuickBooks Online is completely manageable and worth the effort!

Listen: we’re not going to sugarcoat it. It’s a pain. But it’s dull pain, not sinus headache pain. LeanLaw works with accounting pros who have most likely already transferred data from the same software you’re using to LeanLaw for another (happy and relieved) law firm. We’ve been around the block.

We will take care of you. Truthfully, this is not the hardest thing you’ve ever done. Lawyering is harder.

I’ve done it a couple of times where it’s been a huge migration of data and taken a couple of months to get it all up to speed. So you start in chunks with, what do you need right now, and then you move over the old data as you have time to do it. It definitely can be done.

Brandy Derrick

Legalease Bookkeeping

We successfully transferred clients from softwares like PCLaw, Juris and Cosmolex to LeanLaw. Data transfer is a time to clean up and give yourself a fresh start. When you’re with trusted advisors who know the accounting and operational needs, and can help balance that and guide you through that process, it is less daunting. You are not alone. We have your back.

Sarah Prevost

Mintage Labs

LeanLaw Accounting Pros are bookkeepers and accountants who specialize in QuickBooks Online and LeanLaw. You will be in good hands. Don’t let the data transfer come between you and your new life in modern financial law firm software.

Here’s a general overview of how your data migration would proceed:

Phase one

  • Setup LeanLaw
  • Setup QuickBooks Online chart of accounts
  • Client / Matter data migration – pick a set amount (e.g, only open and active matters)
    • Export data from your current system. (client, matter, billing info, rates, originating and responsible attorney, client/matter id’s, and conflict check data.)
    • Organize and clean data.
    • Import into LeanLaw
    • Validate the data.

Phase Two

  • Accounting data migration to QuickBooks Online
    • Accounts Receivable
    • Accounts Payable
    • Trust Balances and as needed historical trust transactions.
  • Types of LeanLaw Data Imports
    • Work in Progress Import: unbilled time and expenses from the last invoicing billed from the previous software into LeanLaw
    • Client billing data. (Client/Matter, Responsible attorney, Billing Contact, Billing Address, etc…)
    • WIP Import. Unbilled time and expenses
    • Secondary Conflict check import. (Client/Matter/Conflict Check Data)

Phase Three

  • Complete the Accounting data migration to QuickBooks Online

This can be done. LeanLaw and our Accounting Pros have your back and are here to guide your firm from start to finish.

When you choose LeanLaw Pro and QuickBooks Online Advanced, it’s like getting custom software for your midsize law firm.

Take the first step and contact LeanLaw for a demo today.

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