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Geoffrey W. Burns

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Get peace of mind, knowing that your books are up to date and compliant with tracking and reporting requirements. Get expert advice to increase your profitability and efficiency while providing better service to your clients and increasing your billable hours.

Who is your ideal customer? Independent attorneys or small firms who are looking to for accurate and timely bookkeeping, billing, and collections. Our clients also want solid fiscal advice to help grow and manage their practice but don’t want or cannot afford to hire a CFO.

What is the value you provide for the law firm? We simplify the bookkeeping process and make compliance easy. We also provide outsourced CFO services and expert advice to make our clients more profitable and efficient.

Is there a niche of law that you like to work with? We will work with nearly any type of law firm, but have had great success with family law and patent attorneys.

Do you have a unique work process? Like all quality bookkeepers, we enter transactions weekly, and reconcile all accounts monthly (including trust accounts). We then send the standard and custom reports to the client. This is where most bookkeepers stop. What makes us unique is our monthly video conference call to review the reports, correct errors, and interpret the reports to provide professional advice.

What are other favorite apps that you work with? We use QuickBooks Online for accounting and prefer to use LeanLaw or Clio for invoicing and practice management.

How do you handle data security? We use VPNs and TOR to protect all data along with top anti-virus and anti-malware programs. We scan our systems daily to ensure safe operation. Personal and financial data is never kept locally and our passwords are generated randomly and encrypted.

What level QuickBooks ProAdvisor are you? Gold

Can you do Desktop Conversions? Yes

I prefer to work with…

Solo, Solo Plus (Solo plus a few staff members)

Types of firms I work with…

General, Transactional, Litigation, Contingency, Family Law, Estate Planning