Erika Smith

Lawyers are Heroes: Erica Smith

Erica Smith is a swing dancing constitutional lawyer at the Institute for Justice. Fighting for educational choice and throwing pots are two main passions. She insists that if she didn’t work for the Institute of Justice, she would not be a lawyer.   Why did you decide to become a lawyer? Ever since I was […]

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Legal Invoice Template – What Do Your Invoices Communicate?

Your legal invoice is a major touch point with your clients for the brand of your small law practice. It conveys not only your level of professionalism but also how clearly you communicate and manage your clients’ expectations. Does your legal invoice template represent who you are? There are a few basics that you should […]

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Alternatives to Law Firm Practice Management Software

Legal Practice Management Software or A La Carte? Law firm practice management (PM) software is not always the solution for your law practice. You have to think about what best suits your law firm: All-in-one practice management solutions (e.g., Clio) vs. modular tools built for specific functions e.g, core tools like Microsoft 365 or Gsuite, […]

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Best Small Law Firm Accounting Software: 2018 Buyers’ Guide

Buyers’ Guide: Best Legal Accounting Software 5 questions to help you find the best software for your small law firm You’re done procrastinating about buying new accounting software for your small law firm. It’s time to do this. It’s easy to see why you waited: You don’t buy new accounting software often. It’s disruptive – […]

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LeanLaw Team Photo Taken in Boise Idaho

LeanLaw CEO Gary Allen talks to Idaho Business Review

Legal Software Subscription – Boise Startup – Poised for Growth   LeanLaw CEO Gary Allen sat down with the Idaho Business Review’s Anne Wallace Allen (no relation), for a Q&A about the inspiration for LeanLaw and its early growth in the legal timekeeping and billing software space. Gary touches on why reducing overhead is a […]

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What is a Lean Law Firm?

The simplest way to answer the question, what is a lean law firm, is to define lean in terms of overhead: Lean = overhead in relation to income. Lean = 20% or less of overhead in relation to income. You may shrug or you may wince, but we’ve seen it done at the unlikeliest of […]

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Lawyer Spotlight: Q&A With Attorney Maria Andrade

Lawyers Are Heroes! Meet Immigration Attorney Maria Andrade After the Executive Action on border security were issued by the Trump Administration in January, attorney Maria Andrade took immediate action. Since then her firm, Andrade Legal, has held weekly meetings to keep not only her clients up to date with shifting laws and regulations, but also […]

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Why bother tracking time if you are in a fixed fee practice. Man looking contemplative.

Should Lawyers Bother with Timekeeping in a Fixed Fee Practice?

Do you know your Effective Hourly Rate? Many attorneys with fixed fee (estate planning, probate, IP) practices don’t bother to keep time. You are paid a flat fee. So why bother, right? Nope. If you don’t track your time, you have no idea how long you spend on each task and ultimately, you don’t know […]

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Help LeanLaw Win The $100K Intuit App Showdown

Who: App developers in the Intuit App Store, like LeanLaw, are eligible to win $100K What: Help us compete! We need our community to vote for LeanLaw early & EVERY DAY. You DON’T need to be a LeanLaw customer to vote! How: Go to this link. Takes about 10 seconds. Vote daily. When: The voting phase […]

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