LeanLaw Team Photo Taken in Boise Idaho

LeanLaw CEO Gary Allen talks to Idaho Business Review

Legal Software Subscription – Boise Startup – Poised for Growth   LeanLaw CEO Gary Allen sat down with the Idaho Business Review’s Anne Wallace Allen (no relation), for a Q&A about the inspiration for LeanLaw and its early growth in the legal timekeeping and billing software space. Gary touches on why reducing overhead is a […]

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What is a Lean Law Firm?

The simplest way to answer the question, what is a lean law firm, is to define lean in terms of overhead: Lean = overhead in relation to income. Lean = 20% or less of overhead in relation to income. You may shrug or you may wince, but we’ve seen it done at the unlikeliest of [...] Read more

Lawyer Spotlight: Q&A With Attorney Maria Andrade

Lawyers Are Heroes! Meet Immigration Attorney Maria Andrade After the Executive Action on border security were issued by the Trump Administration in January, attorney Maria Andrade took immediate action. Since then her firm, Andrade Legal, has held weekly meetings to keep not only her clients up to date with shifting laws and regulations, but also […]

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Why bother tracking time if you are in a fixed fee practice. Man looking contemplative.

Should Lawyers Bother with Timekeeping in a Fixed Fee Practice?

Do you know your Effective Hourly Rate? Many attorneys with fixed fee (estate planning, probate, IP) practices don’t bother to keep time. You are paid a flat fee. So why bother, right? Nope. If you don’t track your time, you have no idea how long you spend on each task and ultimately, you don’t know […]

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Help LeanLaw Win The $100K Intuit App Showdown

Who: App developers in the Intuit App Store, like LeanLaw, are eligible to win $100K What: Help us compete! We need our community to vote for LeanLaw early & EVERY DAY. You DON’T need to be a LeanLaw customer to vote! How: Go to this link. Takes about 10 seconds. Vote daily. When: The voting phase […]

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Spotlight: David Nevin Lawyers are Heroes

David Nevin has defended criminal cases throughout the United States for almost 40 years. He has obtained acquittals in a number of high profile prosecutions which implicated issues of civil rights and government overreaching. Mr. Nevin currently serves as Learned Counsel for Khalid Shaikh Mohammad in his capital prosecution at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, arising from […]

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Why Lawyers Hate Time Keeping

Why Lawyers Hate Timekeeping

An Easy Way to Record Time and Find Lost Revenue Attorneys hate keeping time. Legal timekeeping is how most attorneys get paid, so it’s crucial. How crucial? Tardy timekeeping can cost you $25,000 to $100,000 year. Ridiculous, you say? Not so. The amount you lose if you don’t keep time contemporaneously is shocking. According to […]

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Lawyer Spotlight: Patrick Taurel

Washington, D.C.-based immigration attorney, Patrick Taurel represents clients from all over the world in their efforts to stay in the United States. An immigrant himself, he loves helping others to get the chance to be part of this country.   What kind of lawyer are you? I’m an immigration lawyer at a private firm called […]

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Make Sure Your Software Is Secure

8 Steps You Need to Take to Make Sure Your Software is Secure

You Chose a SaaS Vendor, Now Check its Security You found it! The perfect productivity software for your small law firm. Or you found something good enough. At the very least, you get to cross this task off your list. Finding compatible, easy to use, affordable and productive software is a bear. Still, you have […]

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Why Google Apps Will Make Your Law Firm Lean

Legal Productivity Extensions To Help You Organize If you’re a GSuite user in your law firm, you understand how the interconnectivity of your apps can streamline your legal productivity workflow and offer dozens of elegant shortcuts, from Calendar sharing and alerts to tracking travel to integrating your to-do list. Google Apps offers robust solutions to […]

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