The Beauty of a LeanLaw Partnership

Accountants: We’re looking at you

LeanLaw is in the process of building a partner program, starting with bookkeepers, accountants, and CPAs whose clients use QuickBooks Online. If you’re already using LeanLaw with your clients or have clients who might be interested, we’d like your input so we can create opportunities for everyone.

Why we’re building a partnership program for accountants:

  • Many small law firms have outdated bookkeeping and accounting processes and have been slow to adopt cloud technology. This makes it difficult for CPAs to manage law firm clients.
  • Trust accounting can be challenging in QuickBooks Online.
  • A real-time accounting dashboard lets you pull report reports to understand the financial health of your client’s law firm.

What’s in it for you?

  • Your clients will be grateful that you found them an easy to use solution for their legal timekeeping and billing.
  • Sorting out the accounting from solo attorneys and small law firms will be so much simpler with the LeanLaw software add-on. No more sync issues – Only one source of data with QBO.
  • You will truly be a partner: we are constantly adding features to LeanLaw software. Want a feature that we don’t have yet? contact us and we can solve the issue together.
  • You’ll earn a partner fee for referring new customers.

We would love your feedback. Let's Connect: