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The LeanLaw Mission

When we say the best law firms, we mean lawyers who have the freedom to take cases that are meaningful to them. Lawyers who can make their own schedules and work from wherever they want. Lawyers who don’t spend their weekends sending invoices.

Low overhead affords them this flexibility. This can be you.

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Here’s How We Modernize Your Workflow

Timekeeping Software

You’ve got a device in your hand at all times. We’ve got an app for you to effortlessly enter your time. Part of your success will be the strength of our software. The other part is getting you into the habit.

Billing Software

Once all your timekeeping data is entered, everything is automated. With 4 clicks, you can create your invoice and push it to QuickBooks Online. We’ve solved fixed fee, trust accounting and expenses to get you paid more quickly.

Accounting Integration

LeanLaw’s bidirectional integration with QuickBooks Online means no more manual syncing — you’re always in sync. Real time data reporting gives you a clear understanding of your law firm’s financials and IOLTA accounting is streamlined. Your accountant will love you.

The Benefits of a Lean Practice

our software helps you track all of you time so you can spend more time with your family


If you don’t immediately record your time, you lose time. We solve that by giving you multiple easy ways to track time more accurately and get into the habit. The timekeeping software is connected to our billing software, which is connected to QuickBooks Online – save time on this workflow with total automation.

Our Software helps you keep track of your money


If you’re charging a lot but not earning a lot, it’s because your overhead is too high. Some clients have cut their overhead by 50% with our software and consulting services. They make more money and work less. This is possible with a lean practice.

Our software allows you to be flexible with where you work. The world is your office


Work from home, on the go or when you feel like it. With secure, cloud-based software available on any device, you can work from anywhere and dictate your own schedule. You are no longer tied to your firm’s VPN.


Take the cases that are meaningful to you. If you’re operating lean, you can curate your clients so that you work on the cases you want to and make a difference in your community. You don’t have to spend your life chasing billable hours.

Happy LeanLaw Lawyers

Lean Law Software helped me get professional, accurate bills out on time with little effort.

Robin Brody

Brody Law Office, Twin Falls, ID

LeanLaw’s timekeeping software is the best out there.

Glen Pszczola

Lakebay, WA

LeanLaw learned about my law firm’s needs and put together a plan for software, hardware, mobile and IT products. My practice is more productive and lean.

Scott R Learned

Learned Lawyer, PLLC - Boise, ID

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